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Will Banning of Politicians Traveling Abroad for health solve the problem?


Recently, former Vice President under John Dramani Mahama, Paa Kwasi Amissah Arthur had a medical emergency. However, he lost his life because there was no ambulance to convey him to the hospital.


Furthermore, the Vice President of the Ghana Medical Association calls for a ban. Moreover, the ban is to prevent politicians from flying abroad for treatment. Also, he believes if they are forced to endure the system as it is, they will be forced to make it better. He made these statements while talking on Accra FM.
Vice-President of Ghana Medical Association talking about healthcare
“Our politicians must patronize our health system, we should not allow them to fly out for treatment. They need to taste our health system to see how bad the system is so that they will begin prioritizing health in Ghana. We have a long way to go but we need to start now to deal with the problems, a journey of thousand miles begins with a step, and, so, we should start now.”


MaPomDen.com is Ghana’s Health Hub Spearheaded by Dr. Frank Dartey Amankonah (Dr. Doo), a Medical Doctor with extensive Healthcare experience and WordPress skills, and works for a Mission Hospital in Ghana.His main aim is to bring Health education to all and sundry and make people comfortable to ask their health-related questions freely and a friendly way to understand their conditions.Dr. Frank A Dartey has B.Sc. Human Biology (2009) and MBChB (2012) from the School of Medical Sciences (SMS)- KNUST, Ghana.

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