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What To Do If Your Atopa Pictures OR Videos Get Leaked

WHAT TO DO IF YOUR Atopa Pictures OR Videos Get Le

Why should a man who is not in the pornography industry, film atopa between him and vice versa and keep for some reason?

It is quite worrying to digest the fact that young people in this country seem to take advantage of this practice and are indulging in it.

Every morning I got up to promote my articles, like on Twitter. Then I saw that my little girl was bleeding curses, ridicule, insults and disgusting comments on what turned out to be the coolest atopa tape.

After a while, I decided to ignore it and keep going. In the afternoon it was quite painful after work. The pictures, videos and pictures of these two teenagers had spread and could no longer be ignored.

I visited a website in Ghana and examined the photos. To my surprise, which forced me to open my mouth with utter disgust, the site had posted photos of the child indicating his age, school, and daughter. In detail, they each showed about three pictures and wrote in bold words the people involved.

Why should we do that? Social networks, such an incredible tool has become the knife with which we would penetrate the hearts of the people? You ruined me, what if I had known this boy or girl? I flicked my fingers and gently imagined what both would think now. What’s the problem with your parents? Brothers?


My question and your question exactly? Who proposes the video during the act. We are all aware of the humiliating experiences some people have experienced when discarding their tapes, though some have been catapulted in the name of fame either accidentally or deliberately. But even if these positive aspects are practically unacceptable, people down here do not want to see this practice forever.
Is it the boy or the girl? I think I will find a psychologist for an interview, so I share it with my readers.

They would never feel someone who has been killed after sending atopa tape. I am sure that regret and pain persist. Excessive public reaction could cause severe depression and mental pain in “actors”.
Low self esteem and deep regret can lead to suicide bombers and more dangerous effects.

Young people in Ghana need to learn to be at least more mature in dealing with such problems. People make mistakes, even though they are sometimes indigestible, but we must try to ignore them and move on. After all, there are better ways to talk than to participate in people’s “atrocities”.

Turn on any entertainment-based television show, peruse the tabloids while waiting to checkout at the grocery store, or browse through your favorite celebrity gossip blog, and you’ll probably find a story about an ingénue’s leaked atopa photos or a rap mogul embroiled in atopa tape scandal. Due in part to photo and video capabilities on our smartphones, tablets, computers, and even videogame consoles, cloud-based storage platforms, and jealous exes, these scandals are starting to affect the average person. And, since all of us are not lucky enough to have a manager, agent, or publicist help to deal with the fallout, here are a couple of “dos” and “don’ts” you should know:

  1. DO hire an attorney! Depending upon the specific circumstances, your case may either be civil or criminal. Drawing this distinction requires a nuanced analysis of the facts in each situation.

If your case is better suited for the civil route, your most likely causes of action will be for invasion of privacy and infliction of emotional distress. With regard to a cause of action for invasion of privacy, you’ll have to show intent on the part of the person who shared the picture and/or video, as well as the unwarranted publication of intimate details of your private life. With regard to a cause of action for infliction of emotional distress, you’ll have to show some severe or serious emotional distress (e.g., anxiety, depression, paranoia) and potentially intent or complete and total indifference to the emotional wellbeing of another.

DO keep the pictures and/or videos in their original format! The last thing that you want to do after making charges or filing a lawsuit is to alter or destroy the subject files. Not only is your attorney going to want to review everything, but you could be cited for spoiling and/or destroying evidence.

  1. DON’T let attorney’s fees and costs dissuade you from hiring an attorney! Effective July 1, 2015, California enacted civil legislation similar to the criminal “revenge porn” legislation outlined above. This legislation explicitly allows for a prevailing plaintiff to recover reasonable attorney’s fees and costs from the other party.
  2. DON’T share the pictures and/or videos with anyone else (outside of the authorities or legal counsel)! One of the hardest issues in invasion of privacy cases is proving damages (i.e., how a person has been harmed by the dissemination of his/her private information). Unless you can show, for example, that you were not hired for a job because of the pictures and/or videos or that you’ve developed some significant emotional and/or psychological pain and suffering, you’re going to have an uphill battle in proving damages. If the other side can then show that you were going around showing the harmful images to other people, you’re making your climb that much more difficult.
  3. DON’T be worried about your sexual history being delved into! One of the primary concerns most people have when confronted with this situation, especially if they created the images themselves or the photograph and/or video was taken in a public area, is that their sexual history, sexual behavior, sexual relationships, and sexual partners will all become discoverable. This is simply not true as both the California and federal constitutions have found this information to be protected by a person’s fundamental right to privacy. Moreover, there is a mountain of case law which outlines that not only is this information often irrelevant in a pending lawsuit, any intrusion requires a demonstration of “direct relevance,” or something more than a possibility.
  4. DON’T worry about your name getting out there! Another concern most people have when deciding to bring one of these claims is that the case will be permanently attached to their name – after all, you can find almost anything on Google these days! However, there is case and statutory law supporting a plaintiff’s decision, whether in a civil suit or a criminal suit, to file the suit under a pseudonym (e.g., Jane Doe or John Doe) or by just using initials.

MaPomDen.com is Ghana’s Health Hub Spearheaded by Dr. Frank Dartey Amankonah (Dr. Doo), a Medical Doctor with extensive Healthcare experience and WordPress skills, and works for a Mission Hospital in Ghana.His main aim is to bring Health education to all and sundry and make people comfortable to ask their health-related questions freely and a friendly way to understand their conditions.Dr. Frank A Dartey has B.Sc. Human Biology (2009) and MBChB (2012) from the School of Medical Sciences (SMS)- KNUST, Ghana.

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