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Do You Know The Importance of Health Insurance?

Do You Know The Importance of Health Insurance?

It has been said that nothing is more important than your health, and there is a lot of truth in that sentence. A loss of health can mean, among other things, a loss of income if you can not work, but also extremely expensive medical bills. The importance of Health insurance is that it helps you to avoid some of these costs, and can also help people live a healthier lifestyle by paying for preventative measures such as regular checkups and vaccinations, to name but two. ,

A person can take out health insurance and enjoy the benefits of health insurance in various ways. A person can pay their own insurance. A person may receive health insurance under an employment program. A person can receive health insurance through local or state programs like National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in Ghana.

In many cases, there can be a combination of premiums. This means, for example, that an employer can pay a certain amount of the health insurance premium and the employee pays the remainder of the premium, usually by deducting the pay slip. In other cases, an employer or government agency may pay the full premium.

As with all types of insurance, there are health insurance policies in many forms and at various levels of insurance. The best scenario would be for an employer to pay the full amount of the monthly premiums and not have any overpayment or deductible for the patient. However, this type of coverage is rare, unless you are in a business or in a place below the poverty line.


Most consumers are in health insurance, where they are responsible for a certain amount of the bill, and the insurance company will pay the rest. As you can imagine, these agreements also cover many levels of healthcare coverage.

The more money the patient has to pay for medical services, the lower the premiums are normally. This may be the best option for health insurance for people who are relatively healthy and have a decent income. For people on a limited income or for those with health problems, this can be a difficult option as the patient has to pay the cost or deductible for each medical visit.

The importance of health insurance should not be excluded or underestimated. Rising medical costs can result in lifelong savings with just one major medical event. Even the most common operations can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and the most sophisticated methods can easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Health insurance can help pay for these rising costs and help you avoid financial ruin.

Before choosing a health program to participate, you must read the contract carefully and understand all terms and conditions. If you are not sure, contact your employer or insurance agent.


MaPomDen.com is Ghana’s Health Hub Spearheaded by Dr. Frank Dartey Amankonah (Dr. Doo), a Medical Doctor with extensive Healthcare experience and WordPress skills, and works for a Mission Hospital in Ghana.His main aim is to bring Health education to all and sundry and make people comfortable to ask their health-related questions freely and a friendly way to understand their conditions.Dr. Frank A Dartey has B.Sc. Human Biology (2009) and MBChB (2012) from the School of Medical Sciences (SMS)- KNUST, Ghana.

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