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Is Childhood Stutter (Stammering) Treatable?

stammer vs stutter

Stammering usually starts with children and is often referred to as stuttering in some places. This is generally very worrisome for both parents and the child and it is difficult to know where to find help for stammering.

There are many types of stammering. Family and friends may not even know that someone they know is crushing. In fact, the person can hide stammering with the word avoidance or substitution.

Other people can not do that and have what they take to be the obvious serious stammer.

Stammering usually occurs more frequently when a person:

  • negative pressure
  • when tired
  • to meet new people
  • speak in an unpleasant situation
  • Ask questions, for example ask for instructions
  • Introduce people

Stammer vs Stutter: Stammering can also be called stuttering in some areas. Stuttering and stammering are two different words used to describe the same condition. In general, “stuttering” is more common in North America and Australia, while the word “stammering” is commonly used in the UK. … more men than women stutter at a ratio of 4 or 5 to 1.

Stammer Treatment: People who stammer have different options if they seek treatment. You can see a speech therapist or a speech therapist. Alternatively, they can take part in a speech course. These courses can be single or in groups.

Personally, I prefer and recommend individual stammering courses because I believe that every person who stutters is an individual and has their own kind of stutter.


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