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Chickenpox Relief. You Need it

Chickenpox Relief. You Need it

While having chickenpox isn’t going to make you ill, it can be very annoying. Children often become cranky due to the soreness and the itching caused by the sores on their bodies. To help them be more comfortable there are various types of relief you can get for them at the local store. You won’t need to get your doctor to prescribe anything stronger than that.

The most commonly used method of relief is applying calamine lotion to the area regularly. This should be done with something clean such as a cotton ball to prevent the chickenpox virus from being spread. It can stain clothing though so you want to make sure items that you don’t mind ruining are worn once it is applied. You will need to reapply the calamine lotion every couple of hours.

Many products out there offer ingredients to help stop the itching. They are categorized as antihistamines. These can be taken orally in the form of a capsule or with a liquid. Most of them taste really good too so you won’t have any trouble getting your children to take them. Sodium bicarbonate can be added to bath water to offer some soothing relief before bed time too.


It is very important for a person with chickenpox to take warm showers or baths each day. This will allow the body to help promote healing and relief. Be careful not to scrub hard enough to open up the scabs though. This can lead to a type of infection that can require medical care and a round of antibiotics.

The frequency that you will need to offer these various forms of treatment depend on the individual. Some people end up with spots on every inch of their body. Others only experience a mild outbreak of them. Everyone deals with the itchiness from chickenpox differently too. Some people are able to leave them alone while others have a hard time thinking about anything else.

A combination of these methods will definitely help a person with chickenpox to find relief. For children, try to engage them in activities that will take their mind off of it. You can play board games with them, read books, watch movies, and just hang out. The less they focus on the chickenpox the better they will feel.


MaPomDen.com is Ghana’s Health Hub Spearheaded by Dr. Frank Dartey Amankonah (Dr. Doo), a Medical Doctor with extensive Healthcare experience and WordPress skills, and works for a Mission Hospital in Ghana.His main aim is to bring Health education to all and sundry and make people comfortable to ask their health-related questions freely and a friendly way to understand their conditions.Dr. Frank A Dartey has B.Sc. Human Biology (2009) and MBChB (2012) from the School of Medical Sciences (SMS)- KNUST, Ghana.

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