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At MaPomDen.com, we believe there is a better way to Find health news, health jobs, health education, health articles, and health information.

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Health is one of the least understood and most confusing aspect of information download, and we see that as an opportunity: We’re excited to simplify Health news and information for everyone through our Health Jobs, Health news website, education, and Q&A community.

Mapomden.com is for you, hence our Motto: My Health, My Wealth!

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Here are Some Places We Have MaPomDen.com Featured:

  1. JBKlutse.com Premarital lab tests to consider before you say “I do” – Everyone is excited at the mere thought of getting married after many years of fasting, praying, dating and searching for love as well as recovering from several heartbreaks. Tell me, who wouldn’t be?
  2. ModernGhana.com How to Know if you really Have Syphilis – VDRL is a serological (blood) test that is mainly used in the investigation of Syphilis.
  3. Accraconnect.net  HOW TO SAY GOODBYE TO STRESS – With the way things are moving fast in Ghana, a lot of people are doing their best to stay afloat in the economic turmoil. This urge to survive and achieve so much in the shortest possible time is leading to Frustration and anxiety in a lot of Ghanaian youth.
  4. This could be yours 🙂


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